Living in Florida and I'm on my way to not giving a fuck.

I'm spacey and bubbly, but kind of sassy...

- Amber xoxo



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Smoked out of a bong for the first time

The hits are amazing, so smooth! First hit was huge and exploded out of my mouth and nose. So cool

And now its time to eat.

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Alright, its 11:54 pm.
Time to finally go outtt(;

I’ve never been on an actual date before.


like going out to dinner. Movies and shit don’t count lol.

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Blogging Crisis

So just an update, I can’t blog on my sister’s computer because its stupid and she has mine and i have hers because she needed one that wasn’t stupid for summer classes

Anyhooo, I haven’t blogged for a month and won’t be blogging for another month (Till like August 3rd ish)

So don’t hate me

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